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Thursday, February 2, 2017

January 2017 Recap

On January 26, Curtis, Wes, Bob, Nancy, Pat and Katy met and reinvested $1,000 in loans. We made 20 loans to people in 14 countries, from Zimbabwe to Albania to Jordan to Nicaragua. One loan that was close to expiring was refunded, Katy went in and found another loan that was similar and funded it after the meeting.

At the meeting, Katy gave out some numbers from our lending activities in 2016. The committee made 139 loans totaling $7,250 in 50 countries. We discussed that while our account is well funded, the current political climate means our lending activity will likely become even more important as aid resources are pulled back. We encourage everyone to check in with their personal accounts and keep those payback dollars working.

Katy proposed that we move the March meeting to the 23rd to avoid being too early for our paybacks to have been credited to our account.

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