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Monday, June 27, 2016

June 2016 Recap

May was an extremely busy month, and it was difficult to get the committee together to meet. Since we did not have much credit to re-lend, we decided to forgo the May meeting and do a digital meeting on June 23. Consuelo Bennett, Wes Smits, and Katy Fink-Johnson made seven $50 loans. Two of the loans were to new countries, Madagascar and Moldova.

The Wellshire Microfinance Committee, which invests monies given directly to it by members of the Wellshire community, has made 425 loans totaling $13,775 since September 28, 2011. On, Team Wellshire Microfinance, made up of 58 members from the Wellshire greater community, has made a total of 2,036 loans totaling $55,725. That's 2,036 PEOPLE whose lives have been directly impacted. Two thousand thirty-six people who are one step closer to improved financial security and economic independence. We are deeply grateful to the Wellshire community for their continued generosity to this endeavor.

The committee will meet in person for its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, July 21 at noon at Wellshire.

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