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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wellshire Microfinance/Kiva 2012 Year-End Report

The Kiva Statistics for 2012 show $380 million loaned to 940,000 borrowers in 66 countries. Kiva also maintained a 99% repayment rate and earned a Charity Navigator rating of four stars.

In December, Wellshire Microfinance invested in 20 microloans worth $500. We welcomed 3 new members to increase our membership to 44. Our grand totals are now 313 loans worth $8250 in 50 countries. We are grateful, as always, for Wellshire’s enthusiastic response.

In 2012 we also saw the participation of our youth on two occasions when Club 45 made multiple loans. In addition, the Wellshire Pioneers group began making loans. A women’s Bible study group used their funds to make loans also. When groups begin making multiple loans, our totals go up very quickly.

Finally, we would like to thank all those who donated money to Wellshire Microfinance, which the committee shares with Club 45 to invest in additional microloans. Donations are another way that people can participate in Wellshire Microfinance. For those who don’t like to work with computers, these donations are an important way to further the mission of Wellshire Microfinance.

We look forward to everyone’s continued participation in 2013.

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