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Monday, December 3, 2012

November 2012 Recap

  • New Meeting Schedule
    Because our loan volume has gone up, we are able to reinvest loan paybacks more often. As a result, the committee decided to meet every two months instead of every three months. Starting in January, we will hold our meetings on the third Thursday of the month at 12:00 noon at Wellshire Church. The meeting after that will be the third Thursday of March. As always, everyone is welcome to attend.
  • Results of our November Meeting
    The committee made 11 microloans at our meeting. Ten of those loans were financed by loan paybacks. As our loan volume increases, we can make more loans with the loan paybacks at a faster rate. The beauty of this is we can reuse our invested money to make more loans to help more people. Many of the loans we made in the past year have been reinvested twice already.
  • A Record Month
    In November, WMF team members made 44 loans worth $1,100. Many of these loans were financed by loan paybacks, but many also were new loans. Our team members remain committed to WMF and continue to invest on a regular basis. Thanks to all who contributed. Our totals through November are 293 loans worth $7,750. Outstanding!
  • Alternative Christmas Market Proceeds
    At the ACM, Wellshire Microfinance received $275 from the sale of Kiva Gift Cards and donations. A big thank you to all who contributed so generously.
  • A Fond Farewell
    Our November meeting was the last one with the Rev. Dr. Pattie Kitchen in attendance. Some of you may not know that Pattie was the inspirational leader behind WMF and that she helped us with publicity and visibility. The fact that WMF has come so far so fast is a tribute to her leadership. We have decided to honor her contribution by making Kiva loans in her honor. We want to say thank you to Pattie for her support in the last 14 months.

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