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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 2015 Recap

We had a very productive meeting on July 23. We had $372 to reinvest, and after learning we had $1,225 in the restricted fund, we decided it was time to add some new money to our loans. We dipped into the restricted fund for an additional $400 and used the remaining two $25 gift cards, funding 17 loans in 12 different countries. We discussed making our standard loan amount $50 since we are adding more money to the pool. Some loans which are less secure in their payback will still be for $25.

The group learned that some of the field partners seem to charge an exorbitant fee to the borrowers which we had not noticed before. Katy will be sending an e-mail to Kiva to find out more about this.

Our next scheduled meeting is Thursday, Sept 17 at noon at Wellshire.

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