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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 2014 Recap

On Thursday, March 20, we were able to invest a sizable amount of our restricted fund from donations. We made 18 loans (approx. $500). In addition, we made 6 loans from our loan paybacks. Curtis and I had to reassign seven loans on Friday because of problems with PayPal. PayPal did not let Kiva know what the $500 was to be used for, so Kiva assigned it to our credit account. Fortunately, 11 of our loans were still available, but we had to make substitutions for seven of our loans. We chose loans very similar to the ones we couldn't retrieve.

The 24 loans we were able to make pushed our cumulative total to 906 loans worth $23,625. Alleluia! We are on pace for another very good month.

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