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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wellshire Microfinance Responds in a Big Way

At the beginning of July, Kiva informed us that loan applicants were far exceeding the number of people making loans. When the word got out to our members, a variety of people responded.  July's participants were the most diverse group we've had in some time. After our July meeting, when eight of our loan candidates were in danger of not being fully funded, more people came forward to make additional loans. All but one of the eight underfunded recipients are now fully funded.

In July, our members made 41 loans worth $1,025. Many of these loans, including the 12 we made at our meeting, were funded with loan paybacks. We also counted four loans from Club 45. One of our supporting members made 10 loans. The rest were one or two loan contributors. It was truly a team effort! Thanks to all! In spite of the summer vacation, team members were very active.

Our Cumulative Totals
Since our beginning on September 28, 2011, our team has made 566 loans worth $14,550. We have made our loaves and fishes multiply to feed thousands. Since most families in third world countries have 4-5 children, it's conceivable we have helped close to 3,000 people. A cause for praise and gratitude!

New Members Needed

We have been steady at 48 members for quite some time. It would be wonderful if we could increase that number. For our second anniversary on September 28, 2013, let's see if we can increase our membership to 50.

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