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Monday, July 1, 2013

Totals for June, New Meeting Day in July, and New Loan Opportunities

Totals for June

Since May 20, 2013, when we reached 500 loans, our team has made an additional 25 loans. Our totals now stand at 525 loans worth $13,500. Considering graduations, weddings and vacations, June was still a very good month for WMF. A big part of our success in June was that team members checked their account balances under "My Portfolio" and reinvested their loan paybacks. One person in particular made the majority of our loans for June using his loan paybacks. In June, Kiva made several distributions of payback money. Our team currently has $232 in our account, which we will invest at our July meeting.

If you haven't checked lately, please go to "My Portfolio" and check your account balance. Just click on the orange bubble "Relend Credit" and Kiva will deduct your credit from the cost of your new loan. Using the loan credit I had, the new loan I made this morning cost me $10.03 If we all make an effort to reinvest the credits in our accounts, we could generate several new loans.

New Meeting Day in July

Some people have difficulty attending our meetings on Thursdays at noon. To give these people an opportunity to attend a meeting, we will hold our July meeting on Friday, July 19, at Noon. We will decide based on attendance whether to continue with Friday meetings or go back to Thursdays.

New Loan Opportunities

This morning there were abundant loans available in Haiti (3), Zimbabwe (14) and Mali (94). The loans in Zimbabwe were to buy winter clothes for resale. We don't usually think of winter in Zimbabwe, but it happens there, too.

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