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Friday, April 5, 2013

Wellshire Microfinance Report: March 2013

1,000,000 Loans

If you saw the Kiva website this month, you noticed that Kiva surpassed 1,000,000 loans this month.  It’s difficult to imagine the enormity of their operations.  Keeping track of all this data is amazing.  If the average sized loan were $1,000 (it’s probably more), it would take 40,000,000 microloans to supply 1,000,000 loans.

Haiti and Zimbabwe

This week new loan opportunities appeared for people in Haiti and Zimbabwe.  Since Global Service Ministries is quite involved in these two countries, it might be a good thing to support loans in these countries, which are some of the poorest on earth.  The loan applicants in Haiti are two groups that WMF has made loans to before.  Both were repaid.

Another Outstanding Month

Our team made 58 loans this month.  Several individuals made multiple loans, and the team made eight loans at our regular meeting.  We also added one member this month.  Our grand totals are now 48 members, 452 microloans in 53 countries worth $11,650. 

Top Ten

If you’re curious about where most of our loans are made, here are the top ten countries that have received WMF loans:  1. Kenya (49) 2. Peru (38) 3. Uganda (27) 4. Ecuador (20) 5. Philippines (20) 6. Colombia (17) 7. Lebanon (16) 8. El Salvador (15) 
9. Bolivia (12) 10. Cambodia (11).   

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