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Monday, March 4, 2013

Matters for Thanksgiving and Prayer

Secretary of State John Kerry announced last week that nine African countries showed economic growth last year of more than 8%. That does not mean that these countries are now pleasant places to live, but it does mean that the economic trend in these countries is much better than had been projected.  This news is cause for thanksgiving!

Two countries that should be in our prayers are Mali and Kenya.  In Mali, the war between Islamist rebels and the government is not over.  The rebels have moved back to their homes and continue to foment revolution.  This makes it more difficult to ferret them out.  Some of the rebels have also fled to surrounding countries.

In Kenya, new elections are planned for this year.  The last election in 2007 was the cause of much violence, pitting neighbor against neighbor.  The same person who stirred up all the trouble in 2007 is back for the elections this year.  Please pray that the election may be peaceful and that the progress that Kenya has made in the last five years will not be destroyed.

Please pray for the safety of our mission co-workers who live and work in these countries.

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